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Smoking Ads Target our Youth


Many of the tobacco companies develop and design their advertisements particularly to attract our teens and make them victims of tobacco smoking. Not only have they targeted our teens but our young adults too.

Out Line:-

1.)    What you didn’t know about tobacco companies.

2.)    Companies that may target kids and young adults.

A.    Why do they do it?

B.     Their strategies and how they do it.

3.)    Studies that prove my thesis.

A.    I will make one study available in my essay because I think that it is very important and should be cared about.

4.)    Analyzing some of their ads.

A.    I will try to add videos and images and any other interesting media that has ads.

B.     Analyzing them and what they actually mean will actually be eye-opening.

C.     Why do teens and young adults get influenced by these ads?

5.)    Special cartoon character other than Joe Camel.

6.)    Other places for tobacco ads.

7.)    My conclusion.

Possible SourcesGoogle Image Search

Images that could be used:-

 american_spirit1.jpg            kalman11.gif       koolpack1.jpg     nas_cigaretten1.jpg     tinsign1.jpg  


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